Thursday, 2 March 2017


Snikt snikt no more.

Given that the previous two solo flicks featuring everyones favourite X-Men were rubbish and not terrible the hopes and expectations for Hugh Jackman's final turn as Wolverine should by all rights be gosh darn low. However director James Mangold's second crack at the character is a far more different take.

For one, this isn't a comic book movie.

Okay, technically it is a comic book movie, but it isn't one with all the obligatory overblown set pieces and filled with far too many characters that we've all come to love/hate and always expect.

Logan is a stripped down tale that focuses on an older, world weary Wolverine aka James "Logan" Howlett is left to care for a 90 year old Professor X (Patrick Stewart) suffering from a significantly more harmful version of Alzheimers. Logan attempts to keep a low profile on the Mexican border. But our adamantium infused hero is introduced to Laura (Dafne Keen) a young girl with her own set of anger and metallic claw issues. It quickly turns out that Laura is a highly valued individual by a bunch of heavily armed soldiers led by Pierce (Boyd Holbrook).

Logan is forced to be a hero just one more time.

Playing more like a western Logan is a lone gunslinger in a world without heroes the film is a dark, sweary and very bloody affair. Yet unlike the equally hard-R rated Deadpool the tone is sombre and one of finality. This is presumably the final time we'll see Jackman and Stewart in these roles. Which is an obvious shame as they're both brilliant. The bigger surprise is how wonderful Dafne Keen is, definitely a young talent that is worth keeping an eye on.

It isn't a perfect film by any stretch but it thankfully ignores much of the convoluted back story of the previous X-Men movies and gives fans a stripped down road movie with added murder/death/kills and some genuine thrills and spills.

In conclusion, after 17 years of a mixed bag of flicks Logan is a fine swansong to good ole Wolverine.

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