Sunday, 16 July 2017

Another Mother's Son - DVD Review

Can one retain their humanity in the darkest of times?

The residents of Nazi occupied Jersey while waiting for Churchill to save the day must fend for themselves as morale and supplies diminish.

Having just learned of the death of one of her son's fighting the good fight Louisa Gould (Jenny Seagrove) is asked to hide a recently escaped Russian POW Bill (Julian Kostov).

Gradually the two form a bond but danger lurks in every corner as giving their seemingly never-ending plight even her neighbours and friends could inform The Third Reich of what Louisa is doing. With death and despair around her Louisa still clings onto whatever kernel of hope remains.

Directed by Christopher Menaul, Another Mother's Son is based on a true story adapted for film by Jenny Lecoat. Somewhat rather predictably this is not a film filled with fun or cheerful moments. Instead there is an ever present feeling of dread, even a happy gathering at Christmas take a turn for the worst.

While it cannot be forgotten that this actually happened the film lacks energy even with such a great cast that includes John Hannah, Amanda Abbington and Ronan Keating. Scenes that should be teeming with energy and suspense often feel pedestrian at best and boring at worst.

The film is still worth a watch for the quality acting from everyone including the newbie Kostov and to get experience some of what people endured back in the relatively recent history. 

The DVD includes a short making of featurette, trailers, TV spots, cast and crew interviews and historical documents.

In conclusion, an interesting true tale Another Mother's Son is out now on DVD.

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