Friday, 11 August 2017

A Mermaid's Tale - Review

All together now, "Under the sea, under the sea......".

Plucky young Ryan (Caitlin Carmichael) and her loving father Matt (Jerry O'Connell) still dealing with the loss of their mother/wife head back to the fishing town where Matt was born to look after her grandfather Art (Barry Bostwick).

The town has seen better times with a lack of fish to catch, could something magical in the water be responsible?

It doesn't take long for the mystery to be uncovered as while wandering along the sea front one day Ryan happens upon someone caught up in a net, a mermaid called Coral (Sydney Scotia).

Ryan and Coral strike up a friendship and introduce each other to their very different worlds. But as they spend quality time together going shopping or visiting the wonders underwater Art is determined to uncover why there aren't any fish left and he suspects mermaids are to blame.

While A Mermaid's Tale may not a film aimed at a bloke in his late thirties, it is still a charming story about young girls being young girls trying to figure out their place in life while still finding time for fun.

Directed by Dustin Rikert it is a bright and breezy modern fairy tale, the stakes are never to high to make one feel anything other than a happy ending is on the cards with only a couple of minor plot based speedbumps before the end credits.

Being a film that centres around swimming in the wet stuff it is a shame some of the underwater visual effects are a bit iffy at times. The musical score is a smidge over powering in places. Although these elements are unlikely to affect the enjoyment of A Mermaid's Tale intended audience who should be won over by the films charm.

In conclusion, a light, bright, pleasant little fantasy family flick A Mermaid’s Tale is available to watch on Digital Download from the 14th of August.

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