Monday, 7 August 2017

The Sense of an Ending - DVD Review

The ghosts of our past haunt us always.

Even with a grandchild on the way, an awkward relationship with his ex-wife and semi-retired running a tiny camera shop Tony Webster (Jim Broadbent) lives a quiet, uncomplicated life.

However when he receives word that an item has been left to him in the will of the recently deceased mother of his university girlfriend Veronica (Charlotte Rampling).

It opens up old wounds and previously forgotten recollections. Tony delves deep into his past attempting to understand how events he was caught up in went in the direction they ended up in. But will this search for the truth cause more pain and more problems for Tony?

The Sense of an Ending is a curious little film, with a cast that in addition to the always reliable Broadbent and Rampling it includes Emily Mortimer, Harriet Walter, Michelle Dockery, Freya Mavor and Billy Howle. A powerful string of performances are to be expected and in that respect the film doesn't let viewers down.

Yet for all the secrets, lies and half truths everything feels very understated and uninvolving. I wanted to like this film more and there is a real chance that in subsequent viewings I'll catch something I missed.

Emotions are repressed to such a point that at times it is difficult to work out why Tony is so obsessed with an ex from way back when, even if she did grow up to be Charlotte Rampling. It is thanks to Broadbent's brilliance that some of Tony's occasionally questionable actions in the present.

Ritesh Batra's direction is assured and the way the events of the past and the present occasionally blend as Tony's recollections become more dominant in his mind is nicely done.

The concept of looking back at our own history to figure, the ripple affect of ones actions and ponder what we would tell our 21 year old selves is fascinating and it will likely cause viewers to think how they would act.

The DVD includes interviews with the cast and crew.

In conclusion, a well made, brilliantly acted tale of the consequences of foolish youth that I really wanted to like more The Sense of an Ending is out on DVD now.

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